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Backup, Broadband and Email Service

Broadband is more than just the Internet Service. Central All Schools Contact System, Governor Mailing Lists, online calendars, Cloud Storage and a backup configuration designed for education are some important features to consider.

Email and Messaging Services

Access Email, Contacts On Any Device

Access Email from any device anywhere in the world. Email accounts can be setup within minutes.

Configure Email so that every single sent and received email is available on any computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, our email system enables you to view your calendars and contacts on any device as well.

All Schools Mailing List

A major feature of our email system is the Central All Schools Mailing list and individual schools list as well as the Milton Keynes Council Contacts. We can also set your school up with common mailing lists such as your governor mailing list, your all staff mailing list etc. One major advantage of our email system is that all staff within the school can have access to all these contacts instead of having to ask the secretary to foward emails on behalf of the teacher.

Spam and Email Security

Spam wastes people's time and is also a major source of virus infections. Thus we regard eliminating spam as a security issue in terms of hacking and virus protection.

Email Security is a core feature of our business philosophy. We focus heavily on email security in light of all the hacking breaches reported in the press! A lot of email is confidential so needs to be protected.

Email, shared calendars, shared contacts

School Internal Messaging System

Wouldn't it be great if you could speak to a teacher and ask them a quick question without having to walk down to their classroom? Well with the internal messaging system that comes with our email service, you can simply send them an instant message.

Our instant messaging system has the advantages of Skype in sending a quick message without the disadvantage of Skype in that you can be assured that only people within the school can add you as a contact.

Governor and Teacher File Sharing

Is your school using a file sharing service like Fronter or Moodle to share data between staff and governors and to work at home on? Do your staff and governors find that saving, editing and finding files is very difficult to do? Are you finding that the costs of supporting Moodle or Fronter is starting to reach a point where you are just not getting value for money?

Here at Dalacor, we feel that too many VLE's and school file sharing systems are overly complicated to the extent that many schools simply don't bother with using a file sharing system as its more trouble than its worth. As such schools have tried the alternatives such as emailing documents between governors, transferring files on USB Memory Sticks or using Dropbox none of which are desirable solutions either. However, due to a lack of products designed to be simple to use, inexpensive yet still secure, schools have basically been left to fend for themselves in this area.

Easy to use, Inexpensive and Secure

Dalacor can help your school. We provide a secure, simple yet inexpensive method that will enable your staff to work on data at home and school and then make it easily available to the headteacher for review. In addition, documents that need to be reviewed by governors can easily be uploaded and edited.

Dalastor Educational Data Cloud

Many teachers also use dropbox to enable themselves to access data at home on their home computer. However, Dropbox is not really suitable for educational use especially for sharing the same content with multiple people.

Given the increasing number of Data Breaches of major well known international firms, there is some merit to the idea that using a small local company could actually make your data more secure. Hackers can only hack your data if they know that you are out there!

A hacker in Russia knows about big companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, but they will have never heard of virtually every small local company in the UK. In our view this makes us less of a target than a well known international brand name. However we recognise this is a matter of opinion, but something worth considering.

An alternative to Dropbox suited for Education

Here at Dalacor, we are able to offer schools the option to share some public data amonst multiple staff members in a cloud environment using Dalastor. Another option that we provide is remote access to the school so that staff can access all the data on the server instead of a subset of data on the cloud.

Broadband Internet Filtering

Online Child Safety

Our Broadband filtering system offers an effective Internet filtering solution. It works by intelligently filtering out unsuitable content by scanning each page and blocking pages with unsuitable material. We focus particularly on issues like violence and guns, bullying, radicalisation and extremism.

As it does not work using an archaic blacklist, it is never out of date. It produces relatively few false alerts, thus ensuring that you are able to get on with your work without having to spend time unblocking legitimate websites. As a company that also provides IT Support to schools we are better equipped than many broadband only companies to know whether the content filter is really working for the school in terms of what is being blocked and what is not being blocked.

By default pornography is blocked, but can also be used to block:

bullets Chat programs like Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

bullets Hate, Racism and Discrimination.

bullets Illegal or Dangerous activities.

bullets Gambling and Dating.

bullets Social Websites like Facebook.

bullets Guns and Violence.

bullets Bullying and Grooming.

bullets Radicalisation and Terorism.

Security Features of Internet Filtering

People associate Internet Filtering with blocking out unsuitable and time wasting websites like Facebook. While this is probably the main purpose of Internet Filtering, there is a security aspect of Filtering.

Block Malware and Phishing Websites

Websites that have been infected with malware as a result of hacking and blacklisted websites that are known to be engaged in fraudulent activity such as Phishing can be blocked. In addition some websites deliberately host malware and try and trick people into downloading what appears to be a legitimate file.

Block Hacked Websites

As such any website that has been hacked, blacklisted or may contain virus executables can infect your computer system. Internet Filtering (commonly known as the firewall) is essential for protecting your systems.

Data Backup Service

bullets An online backup service - your data is secure from theft and fire. We also work with schools to decide what to backup to reduce your storage costs.

bullets An annual local snapshot of the servers. Our system will allow us to restore Windows from a local backup without having to re-install Windows and then restore the latest backup from the Internet.

bullets Weekly, Monthly and Annual Snapshots allowing you to recover data that was accidentally deleted. The most common restore request is to recover deleted data. Does your current backup provider allow you to do this?

bullets A backup service is of no use if nobody knows whether the backup is working properly. We make sure that you are always informed that the backup was successful! We also periodically do a test restore to ensure that the backed up data can be restored.

Set and Forget Backup

Our online and on site backup service provides a cost effective solution with advanced functionality.