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IT In Education

Schools need a company that can help with planning IT Budgets, ensure equipment is fit for purpose and meets best value for money and provides a personal relationship with staff so its not a hassle to get help with an IT issue.

Supporting your Office Staff

IT that run like a well oiled machine

Schools budgets are increasingly being stretched every year with the expectation to do more with less. The core focus of our company is to provide best value for money. We aim to provide equipment that will last, is reliable and fit for purpose.

As part of our sales, installation and IT Support Service we provide schools with a ten year hardware plan to help you with budgeting for replacement of your IT equipment.

IT in Education requires familiarity with the unique systems in the educational environment.

We can support you in installing Sims, FMS, Target Tracker, Parent Mail, and Eprofile on your client computers. We are also able to provide seamless background updating of programs like Target Tracker and Eprofile and Sims and FMS.

Our online Hardware and Software Inventory Database enables you to easily keep track of equipment for hardware and software audits for governor inspections.

Our unique email system provides essential functionality for schools in that we understand the need for a central address contacts lists system for office staff, teachers and support staff.

With the expertise of Dalacor your office staff can concentrate on doing their jobs instead of spending time trying to understand IT.

Supporting your teachers

IT in education is all about IT in the classroom and school admin offices. We have over ten years experience of providing laptops, projectors, printers and whiteboards suitable for classrooms as well as ensuring that your equipment works reliably in the classroom.

We have many years of experience in installing and troubleshooting commonly used educational software such as 2Simple, Clicker, Sherston, Education City, Espresso, RM colour Magic. Familiarity with educational software for the pupils is essential to supporting your teachers.

Is the data on your curriculum servers backed up? Many schools are only backing up the data on the admin server due to the prohibitive costs that many companies charge for backing up the curriculum data. As a result, this means that your teachers could lose all their work on the curriculum server in the event of a catastrophic failure. By redesigning the network, we are able to provide a cost effective backup solution that protects all your data!

Is the data on your staff laptops encrypted? Should a staff laptop be stolen or lost, your school could be held legally liable by the government for failure to encrypt your data!

We believe that by using our IT Technical Support Services in conjunction with our Sales and Installation Service that we are best able to help your teachers. Devices such as Tablets for Education are becoming increasingly important for schools, but it is vital that the underlying infrastructure is able to support your equipment. The best way to achieve this is to have an indepth understanding of your schools network which only an inhouse IT Technician can provide.

Supporting your pupils

Our Broadband Filtering System is designed to protect pupils without being too restrictive such that it hinders the learning process. Some filtering systems unfortunately are too rigid and simply block too much which inhibits the plans set by teachers.

Our unique email system which was devloped to improve email communication for the teachers and office staff have a major benefit in that it will enable your school to provide safe internal only email for your pupils.

IT in education requires understanding the unique requirements of schools with regards to setting up the network in an appropriate manner for computers to be used by pupils of any age. Our company has made great strides in simplifying the network as much as possible to enable children to spend more time in lessons, rather than spending time trying to work out how to use the computer.

Wireless dropouts and slow speeds are a common result of poorly planned wireless infrastructures. Dalacor have experience in troubleshooting wireless issues as well as installing a completely new wireless infrastructure for your institution and we future-proof it! This will transform your IT lessons for pupils into something to be enjoyed rather than endured!

Expertise in wireless for educational environments - one of the most challenging wireless environments

Our Broadband, Email and Website filtering service has a heavy focus on e-safety! We focus particularly on issues like violence and weapons, bullying, radicalisation and extremism.