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Sales of IT Equipment

One of the biggest problems schools encounter when buying IT Equipment is that because they are not IT Experts they don't know what products are any good and will meet their IT needs. Here at Dalacor we can help to address this issue.

How to buy IT Equipment that achieves best value for money

Problems with underquoting

Many companies when asked to quote for any IT Equipment will focus on their stock levels and some will even underquote to win the business. Underquoting is when a company sells a solution that is cheap and will likely win the tender process, but may not actually be fit for purpose. These companies are either not aware that the product is not suitable for the needs of the school or they don't care as long as they win the tender. Also many companies buy stock in bulk to sell.

The end result is that the school is left with a solution that they are not entirely happy with and because there is no hardware fault, there is no remedy. Sound familiar?

A Classic area where this is a problem is wireless installations. Many schools have no idea how to choose between different wireless installations and so essentially end up choosing based on price. Sadly all too often the result is unsatisfactory with dead spots and slow wireless speeds.

Companies shifting old stock

Because we buy to order (we don't keep stock), we are able to provide a more objective sale in terms of the fact that we do not have old stock to shift. In addition, because we also provide IT Support in schools, we know far better than many companies who only sell IT Equipment to schools what actually works well in a school and what does not work well. Experience in working in Educational environments actually puts us ahead of the competition.

We never underquote or shift old stock as we believe that this does considerable harm to our reputation as a company that provides IT Support. We would be more interested in ensuring that whatever equipment we sell works properly in your school such that you might be interested in considering using our company for IT Support in the future.

Holistic Sales and Installation Service

We believe that the problem with IT procurement in schools and businesses is that there needs to be a collaborative partnership between the school and an IT Support company. By working together with one reputable company that can deliver all your IT requirements from sales to installations to IT Support it is possible for schools to achieve a reliable, cost effective IT infrastructure where you can focus on doing your job instead of struggling with IT Budgets, fire fighting and hunting around for IT equipment.

One IT Company for all your needs ensures reliability, consistency and best value for money

Hardware Budget Plan with Dalacor

Our online Hardware and Software Inventory Database enables you to easily keep track of equipment and in conjunction with our IT Support Services we provide a ten year hardware plan which enables you to plan your IT replacement regime over a period of several years. This prevents emergency budgets, impulse buys and enables schools to spread the costs over a number of years. A well planned IT department can make your IT run like clockwork which is what our business is all about.

What products we provide

As we buy to order and we have a range of suppliers, we can essentially source any IT Equipment that you require. In addition to providing you with any IT Equipment that you require, we also provide an installation service as well our annual IT Support Service. However, we would like to stress that we feel that our company is about more than sales, installation and technical support. We understand that IT is a means to an end and the purpose of IT is to enable people to do their job. Many IT companies lose sight of that and get too caught up in the technicalities.

We have provided what we hope is a comprehensive Buyers Guide to IT Equipment to demonstrate the value of having a professional IT Consulting company like Dalacor as there is far more to choosing IT products than just the purchase price tag.