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Installations Service

Have you ever had an installation done and you were not happy with the result? We prevent this by ensuring that the installation is clearly planned and documented so you know exactly what to expect.

Network Installations

Documenting Your Network

Documentation of network installations is one area that seems to be very poorly addressed in many network installs. We ensure that all our work is well documented as this will aid in troubleshooting issues down the line. Many companies still do not label new network points making it impossible to troubleshoot network issues.

Future-Proofing Your Network

Your structured cabling system could last up to twenty years, so the right design is crucial. Over this period your infrastructure will grow, so proper planning from day one is essential to ensure that your cabling infrastructure is expandable to cover your future needs.

Cabling, Wireless and AV Installations

With the expertise of Dalacor this will be achieved first time around. We offer a free site survey and will work with you to design a proposal to meet your current and future requirements. We are able to install Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fibre Optic cabling.

Wireless Systems

We can provide a complete wireless installation where required. We also have experience in providing a wireless system that works in educational environments. One of the biggest hurdles facing educational environments is having a large number of wireless clients in a small confined space all simultaneously accessing the network.

How to Avoid a Slow, Unreliable Wireless System

Many companies will quote you for a wireless solution based on what they think will win them the business. If the school makes the wrong choice, they can end up with a wireless solution that kind of works, but is slow, temperamental and has dead spots. Many schools are not aware that the type of laptops they have will also have a huge impact on wireless speeds to the extent that you could have the best wireless system on the market and yet still have slow wireless speeds because of the laptops in use.

We at Dalcor believe that poor wireless performance in schools is down to a number of things. Firstly, many companies selling wireless solutions don't work in schools so they have no idea of the difficulties of getting a large number of laptops in a small space like a classroom working at optimal speed. In addition a lot of companies deliberately underquote in order to win the business and then the school is left with a solution that doesn't really work well and they are unable to get the installation company to fix the issues as the installation company blames the internal network or the IT Technician for any issues.

Holistic Installation Service

We recommend that schools use a company like Dalacor that has a proven track record of providing IT Support in schools and that only sells to order. We do not stock any IT Equipment so we never have the issue of trying to unload old and poor quality stock that isn't selling well. Thus the IT Equipment we sell is based on what we believe is best suited for your institution rather than based on what stock the retailer holds.

Expertise in wireless for educational environments - one of the most challenging wireless environments

A major advantage of using Dalacor for your IT Maintenance Support Service is that for major installations like the wireless system you can be assured that we will do the job properly as it's not in our interest to do a poor installation or sell products that are not fit for purpose as naturally we would like you to renew your IT Maintenance Support Contract with us the following year.

This is a key reason why we believe that the best company to sell and install all your IT Equipment should be a company like Dalacor that has many years experience of working in IT Support for schools because we know how schools work and what equipment works well in schools. If you have a problem with equipment that you have bought its much easier to get something done about it if the company that supplied and installed your equipment also provides your IT Support. Thus we recommend a holistic IT relationship in that you have one company that provides all your IT requirements to ensure that you have an integrated and homogenous IT System where everything works together.

Future-Proofing wireless is essential

Wireless dropouts and slow speeds are a common result of poorly planned wireless infrastructures. Dalacor have experience in troubleshooting wireless issues as well as installing a completely new wireless infrastructure for your institution and we future-proof it!

Computer and Laptop Installation Service

Are you a small school that cannot afford or does not need an IT Support Contract, but still needs a reliable company to provide and install new computers, servers and laptops with all the software that your school uses? While we hope that you will be interested in our IT Maintenance Support Service as we believe that IT support is about more than fixing things, we can still help you with your adhoc IT Support requirements.

What we can do for you is provide the equipment you require, physically install your computers and then install the software that you need. In addition, we can either create an image of your software install so that when you buy new computers or laptops in the future, it take considerably less time to install the new systems as you would only need to download the image rather than have to re-install all software all over again.

Projector and Whiteboard Installations

We can advise you on the best projector and whiteboard models to suit your needs and then install them thereby providing an all in one service! Due to the fact that Interactive Televisions are now becoming mainstream we now only recommend installing whiteboards and projectors when price is an issue or if you need a larger screen than 65 inches.

We also supply and install Audio Wall ampliers and speakers that are more suited for classrooms. Large traditional amplifiers take up a lot of space and are overkill for what most classrooms require. Thus we can provide you with more suitable Audio equipment for small rooms and classroom use.

Interactive Television Installations

Interactive Televisions are now becoming mainstream in schools, with whiteboards and projectors being phased out. We are able to supply and install Clevertouch Interactive Televisions and other models. We also provide Low Access installations where the TV is height adjustable which makes it perfect for use in Nurserys in that the TV can be adjusted in height for both adults and children.

Because we plan and document our installations, we will make it clear if you need extra electrical points or anything else that you might not be aware of. In too many cases companies quote a price and then add on extras afterwards. We feel that the more professional approach should be to ensure that any extra requirements should be covered in the quotation so you don't get unexpected costs after acceptance of the quote.