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Time and Money is in short supply these days. Therefore any software that can make your job easier, quicker, saves you money as well as increasing data security is well worth looking at.

Software that saves you time and money

Here at Dalacor, we have come up with a range of products covering security in the form of anti virus, data encryption and backup, cloud storage similar to dropbox and OneDrive and even an internal messaging system for pupils and teachers.

Using our Email Service you can benefit from the all schools central address book system and access to an online calendar system that is simple to use and easily integrates with Outlook and web for all staff to use.

We believe that the best way that schools can harness the power of IT is to use a company that not only sells software solutions such as our Data Cloud Storage, but is also able to support the product on site through utilising our IT Maintenance Support Service.

Software Products
Software that makes a difference

Governor and Teacher File Sharing

Is your school using a file sharing service like Fronter or Moodle to share data between staff and governors and to work at home on? Do your staff and governors find that saving, editing and finding files is very difficult to do? Are you finding that the costs of supporting Moodle or Fronter is starting to reach a point where you are just not getting value for money?

Here at Dalacor, we feel that too many VLE's and school file sharing systems are overly complicated to the extent that many schools simply don't bother with using a file sharing system as its more trouble than its worth. As such schools have tried the alternatives such as emailing documents between governors, transferring files on USB Memory Sticks or using Dropbox none of which are desirable solutions either. However, due to a lack of products designed to be simple to use, inexpensive yet still secure, schools have basically been left to fend for themselves in this area.

Easy to use, Inexpensive and Secure

Dalacor can help your school. We provide a secure, simple yet inexpensive method that will enable your staff to work on data at home and school and then make it easily available to the headteacher for review. In addition, documents that need to be reviewed by governors can easily be uploaded and edited.

Dalastor Educational Data Cloud

Many teachers also use dropbox to enable themselves to access data at home on their home computer. However, Dropbox is not really suitable for educational use especially for sharing the same content with multiple people.

Given the increasing number of Data Breaches of major well known international firms, there is some merit to the idea that using a small local company could actually make your data more secure. Hackers can only hack your data if they know that you are out there!

A hacker in Russia knows about big companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, but they will have never heard of virtually every small local company in the UK. In our view this makes us less of a target than a well known international brand name. However we recognise this is a matter of opinion, but something worth considering.

An alternative to Dropbox suited for Education

Here at Dalacor, we are able to offer schools the option to share some public data amonst multiple staff members in a cloud environment using Dalastor. Another option that we provide is remote access to the school so that staff can access all the data on the server instead of a subset of data on the cloud.


Need to Backup Your Data?

The biggest and most unique feature is that your data is backed up every day with up to 100 file changes saved. This allows your school to revert to a previous file version. In our experience, while backups are very important in the event that your server fails, the most common user request is to restore an earlier version of a file or to restore a file that was deleted six months ago!

We backup both your Curriclum and Admin Servers and if we provide you with our IT Support Service we can optimise your servers to ensure that huge pictures and videos are not backed up and wasting your Backup Storage Usage Space.

Our backup service can even backup your calendars, contacts and emails if you use our Broadband Email Service as well thus ensuring that virtually your entire data content is backed up.

Staff and Child Safe Messaging System

Wouldn't it be convenient to be able to ask a staff member question instead of having to leave your office or classroom and hunt around the school to find the staff member you wish to speak to? What schools really need is something like Skype but that is suitable for an educational environment in that only people within your school can add you as a contact or message you.

A very common desire of schools is to enable children between two schools to chat to one another. However because Skype is a public messaging system, teachers are understandably reluctant to use Skye as there is no way to block inappropriate add contact requests. In addition many schools still use a paper calendar system due to the fact that over the years have tried various online calendar systems and due to one problem or another - usually lack of support have given up on using an electronic calendar.

Thus due to a lack of any real internal messaging programs, secure child safe messaging programs and online calendars that are easy to integrate into school system schools have resigned themselves to walking around the school to find a staff member to ask them something and children never get the opportunity to chat to children at other schools and schools are stuck with inefficient paper calendar systems.

Once again, Dalacor can help you with this. Our Email Service includes messaging functionality to allow secure internal (non public) messaging between staff members. The calendar system included with the email service is very simple to use because its intregrated with Outlook and the webmail application. See the Email Service page for more details.

In addition, we would be interested to find out if schools would like to join up to a countywide messaging system that would enable schools to effectively phone other schools for free in addition to enabling children from different schools to chat to one another. Many schools are looking to reduce their phonebills, so this could be an option.

Print Monitoring Software

Audit printing per printer and per user, evaluate how much is being printed and how much printing each person does. It also enables you to limit print copies per user and per month.

Printing costs are considered to be an undesirable expense, but fortunately with the use of Print Monitoring Software it is one area where running costs can be managed and reduced.

A proven method of substantially reducing your printing costs

Having a printing quota per user reduces paper wastage as users associate a value to each print job they make. It is possible to recuperate the cost of the print monitoring software back within the first year through printer paper and ink toner savings!

Centralised Software Management

Deploy Software to all Computers

Working with industry leaders, we can configure your Windows Server to centrally deploy and update software to all computers and laptops on the network. This also includes more flexible control over Windows Updates and Patches. An updated system is a more secure and reliable network.

Centrally Update all Computers

In addition to Windows Updates, we are able to centrally update popular programs such as Flash Player, Firefox and Target Tracker. Updated software significantly reduces the likelihood that your network will be affected by viruses, malware or hacking attempts. As such Central Software Installation and Central Update Management form a core part of our IT Maintenance service.

Data Encryption

Staff laptops and USB memory sticks very often can hold confidential pupil data. If the laptop or USB Memory Stick is lost or stolen, your school could be held legally liable for any unprotected data if the data is not encrypted. Data encryption is not difficult to implement ensures your school is legally compliant with the law and you can be assured that you have done everything possible to protect the safety of your children.

Anti virus Protection

Anti virus protection for all your computers from the servers right down to the laptops. We use Anti Virus that is very effective at detecting viruses and has minimal impact on speed of computers.

While anti virus software is important, this is only one layer of security protection. Along with our Broadband filtering and Email spam management service coupled with our IT Support we aim to provide a fully comprehensive, multi-layered security protection approach. Securing your network is always about using a layered approach to security.

Is your network protected from hacking and do you have an effective spam solution in place? Does your institution have a security and general network use policy? These are security concerns that Dalacor can help address.

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Anti Virus Protection Keeping You Safe