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A really good IT Support company is about more than just fixing computers. We can help you with your IT budgeting, ensure IT Purchases are best value for money and offer new ideas to improve work efficiency.

The core philosophy of Dalacor

Value for Money

Our entire IT Support ethos is centred around the core philosophy of our company. We believe that an IT Support company should be doing far more than just fixing computers and selling IT equipment.

Our focus is on creating an holistic IT Solution that increases your productivity and helps you to do your job better. We believe in lowering IT costs by working together with you in building a network with the most appropriate equipment for your needs!

IT expenditure is an investment not an expense

The best way to ensure that your IT infrastructure is seamlesss, integrated and that you achieve best value for money is by utilising a professional company like Dalacor to provide all your IT requirements from Sales (hardware, software and including our broadband and email service) to Installation and finally IT Support as these services should complement one another as they are not separate aspects.

One IT Company for all your needs ensures reliability, consistency and best value for money

I am sure that you have read countless times in the newspapers how governments waste billions on IT products that fail and one big factor is that the government ministers focus on the lowest bidder instead of utilising their internal IT Support team to implement the best solution. This is why we recommend that Dalacor not only provide your IT Support, but also provide all your hardware and software requirements to ensure that purchases are fit for purpose.

Core Philosophy
IT that run like a well oiled machine

As part of our IT Support Service, we provide Hardware and Software Audits so you can keep track of your equipment. We also provide a ten year hardware plan to help schools budget for replacement of equipment.

Our Broadband and Email Service

With our broadband and email service, we are able to provide you and support you with an email system that is suited for the modern day school by providing you with a centralised all schools mailing list as well as governor and teacher mailing lists. In addition, along with our backup service we ensure that all your emails, contacts, calendars etc in addition to all your other data are safely backed up.

Our core focus is to design holistic networks that are simple to use, securely setup, fast and reliable and by collaborating with you in a business partnership we aim to ensure that IT is as cost efficient as possible offering you real value for money.

About our Technicians and Support Contracts

No Call Centres

With a maintenance contract you will receive a highly skilled technician on a regular basis who is able to fix a multitude of problems from PCs to printers. You will have access to your personal technician at all times via mobile phone for any advice or technical help instantly. No call centres, just directly to the person responsible for your IT, week in, week out. Having one person responsible for your network creates the personal feeling of responsibility that is so lacking in big corporations today.

Your own personal technician - No Call Centres

We also do not charge expensive Call outs as we understand that schools need a support contract where the price they see is the price that they actually end up paying. Some companies charge a low IT Maintenance Support Contract and then hammer you with hefty call out fees for unscheduled IT Visits.

The Personal Touch

The personal touch is something that is very important to us. While it is important to be professional and provide the best service possible, it is very clear that people long for the personal human touch from companies. As an IT Support Company we understand that we are not just dealing with computers here, our business is building a relationship with our clients.

What most schools and businesses really want is to be able to pick up the phone and speak to the same person each and every time. Someone knows their system inside out and backwards and get the problem resolved without having to spend hours on the phone being transferred from one department to another etc.

As we sell all IT Equipment and provide an installation service for Wireless, Networks, Projectors and Whiteboards and in addition we provide Broadband, Email and Backup Service we are far better suited than many companies to provide your IT Support as we know our products and we can support virtually every aspect of your establishment.

IT Support Key Features

bullets Expert knowledge and consultancy.

bullets Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly full day visits to your preference of time and date, other more flexible times can also be arranged.

bullets No expensive monetary costs for callouts. Callouts are built into the price.

bullets Documentation of your network for your records.

bullets An online helpdesk for all IT support requests.

bullets One year and three year IT Maintenance contracts available.

bullets IT Support with a Personal Touch.

IT Support
IT Support with a personal touch