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There are many graphics design companies that create lovely looking websites so it's really frustrating for the website owners when those beautifully designed websites don't attract or retain visitors. Here are the reasons why!

Five Common Mistakes of Websites

Content is King

Most people focus so much on getting a website to look as pretty as possible, with lots of pictures, special effects etc, that they forget that people go to a website to get information or for entertainment. Bottom line is that the content is actually the most important factor of a website and people tend to forget that when looking for a website design company.

We cannot stress this highly enough. It doesn't matter how pretty the website is or how fast it loads, people leave the website if the information is generic, uninteresting or the visitor cannot find the information that they are looking for.

There are several key aspects to improving the value of content. First and foremost, the content needs to be as relevant to the visitor as possible, so the most important consideration for website design is determining what information the visitor is actually looking for and what purpose the website is intended to accomplish

Another factor is reducing the amount of information on the website because too much information can seem overwhelming and actually puts people off. Far too many websites have far too much information, most of which goes unread!

Too many menu navigation options

Many websites have more than five menu items on their website and use drop down menus. Studies indicate that too many menu items actually puts people off and drop down menus are very distracting and unhelpful to the end user. The modern thinking is that people can find information more easily if there are fewer menu choices for the main menu.

One menu layout that is proving to be very popular with visitors is what is known as the mega menu which our website uses. This allows visitors to preview pages (although not all websites will benefit from preview pages) and provides a more logical structure to the website.

Pictures are overused and very often irrelevant to content

Pictures are overused and actually end up distracting the visitors. Remember two key phrases here. Content is king and less is more! This very much applies to pictures. Firstly, never use pictures that have nothing to do with the text content. It just distracts the visitor and studies indicate that visitors just ignore generic pictures that are unrelated to the content. If the picture does not add further information to the content, then there is no benefit to adding the picture. Having said that, every page on your website should have at least one picture.

Secondly a lot of websites use stock pictures and they have become so overused people are starting to notice the same pictures being used on different websites as well as the fact that stock pictures generate an insincere effect on the visitor. The golden rules here are that pictures should add relevance to the content and one picture per page is fine. Do not use stock focus at all. Focus on content - what are you trying to say on your website?

Can people actually read and understand the content easily

Typography and colours are an area that many graphic designers do not really think about other than aesthetics. Their focus is on making the website look pretty and creating that wow effect. But the visitor is interested in being able to read the content. Thus the font needs to be a minimum size because most people click off a website when the font is so small that its more of an effort to read. Most people probably don't even realise why they are clicking off the website because its a subconscious thing.

Second consideration is that some fonts look really dated and make the website look old fashioned which is why a website should never use Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica as they are the most over used fonts over the last couple of decades.

Third, many graphics design companies focus on getting text to fix in a certain space, with no consideration to number of characters per line. Studies show that too long a line length and too short a line length can make it harder to read or affect comprehension of the content. Comprehension and readability are not the same thing. According to numerous studies the optimal number of characters per line is 66 and a font size of 16 pixels or slightly above.

Lastly, many graphic designers do not seem to understand that many older people struggle to read grey writing on a white background and yet graphic designers do this because it makes the website look prettier. The key is to find a shade of grey that aids readability and comprehension, but has sufficient contrast to enable older people to read the content clearly.

Putting your email address on website is an open invitation to spammers

Many companies put their email address on their website. This is the worst thing you can do as it guarantees that you will receive loads of spam emails. Spammers harvest email addresses on websites using spambots to search for and lift email addresses. There are more safer ways to enable visitors to contact you and yet still prevent spammers from harvesting your email address.

One method is to use a javascript email munger which takes your email in plain text and wraps it up in javascript code so that spambots cannot read the email address, but it is still viewable on your website for your visitors. This is the solution we prefer.

Another option would be to have a contact us form on the website so that people never actually see the email address - they simply fill out the form on the website page. Again spambots cannot do anything to get your email address. However many people don't like this method and here at Dalacor we prefer not to use this solution.

Why not give us a call and get a website done professionally

Actually there is a six mistake that most people make with their websites - you didn't give us a call. No seriously, if you want your website done professionally to ensure that it attracts and retains visitors, it is vital that people are made aware that many graphic design companies are not qualified to design websites.

It bears stating again and again. Content is king. People go to a website to get information! If the content is not useful or they cannot find the content or read the content, they are not likely to go back to your website or use your institution.

If you are looking to have your website re-designed, you need a graphic design company like ours that understands the importance of content. This cannot be stressed highly enough.

Features of a Dalacor Designed Website

bullets Vistors can find information easily.

bullets Easily update your website yourself.

bullets Website is fast and secure.

bullets Condense your content to reduce information overload.

bullets Focus on Typography to ensure content is readable.

bullets Mobile Phone and Tablet Responsive Design.

bullets Supports HTML5 and CSS3.

bullets We can edit your content too.

Website Design
Website and Graphic Design Services

Our Website Design Services

Here at Dalacor, we are able to design your brand new website. Nowadays people prefer to have a website that they can easily update themselves, so we also provide a CMD service to enable you to easily update your website without having to know anything about websites!

Our focus on website design is to highlight the importance of content and to keep it simple to navigate, whilst making it look professional. With too many websites, there is simply too much information, too many navigation options and people get switched off. We are in an age of information overload. So we provide two services in one.

We can design your website

We can design your website from the technical, typographic and aesthetic aspect. This means we will cover putting all you content and pictures onto the Internet. We will cover ensuring that your visitors can easily read and comprehend the information. We will also cover ensuring that your visitors can find the information that they are lookin for and lastly, we will make sure the website looks interesting, well laid and pleasing to the eye.

We can edit your content and make it concise

As an additional service we can also edit your content to make it as relevant and as concise as possible for your visitors. Remember that content is king, but too many websites have far too much information, most of which goes unread. We aim to address this issue by editing your content to minimise information overload and helping you to avoid repition or being longwinded.

We only design using the latest coding

As such, we don’t just simply design the website, we can get involved with identifying your target visitors, what information they are looking for and providing this information in the most accessible manner!

Due to the ever increasing hacking incidences, we do not support Wordpress or other popular Content Management Platforms. One of the core philosophies of our company is a strong realistic focus on security whether that is your website, your email or your local network!

Our websites are designed with the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and we ensure that our websites display properly, with minimum overhead on all mobile phones and tablets.

Last, but not least we understand that content is king! Regardless of whether we edit your content, the entire website is designed around ensuring that the visitor can find the content, read the content, comprehend the content whilst still making the website look professional and well laid out.